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Unlock Endless Passion To Flow Towards A Fulfilling Legacy You Deserve!


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Develop a WINNING PASSION in anything you do...

For Effortless Impact, Influence & Joy!

Go From:

  • Overthinking perfectionism.
  • Trying to do everything at once.
  • Only to feel over-exerted & like you don't get the respect or results you deserve.


  • An extraordinarily passionate & influential role model.
  • That effortlessly flows towards your goals & plans with joy.
  • Leaves an impactful legacy you want, every single day.
Join The LEADING WITH PASSION Program Now! Join Our Open Community To Connect With Others!

Become A Passion Leader & Start Leading With Your Winning Passion Now!

As soon as you start LEADING WITH PASSION with the right system in place (as this program helps you develop), seemingly abstract concepts like passion, purpose, and mastery are turned into a game plan with practical strategies and tactics - backed by science - to align and sustain optimized levels of success, well-being, and fulfillment for you and the people around you... ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

The 'Leading With Passion' Program Includes: 

  • 1:1 Coaching: 2 hour Focused Call Every Week For 90 Days.

  • Unique Program Curriculum You Won't Find Anywhere Else(!): Lifetime access to all exercises and tools.

  • Exclusive L.W.P Community  Lifetime access to exclusive Facebook Group and chat access with other Passion Leaders.


In This Program, You Will...

Module 1: Re-Program Your Mind For Extraordinary Passion

Module 2: Connect To Yourself Effortlessly

Module 3: Integrate Necessary Interest & Benefit.

Module 4: Communicatie Meaningfully, Clearly & Succinctly

Module 5: Commit To A Legacy Of Harmonious Passion

Module 6: Engage & Serve With Effortless & Consistent Flow


What Does Becoming A Passion Leader Mean?

    Easily simplifying & controlling your goals & plans instead of them controlling you.
    Unwavering conviction & clarity in your passion for life instead of doubt, frustration, or overwhelm.
    Every day you are a fulfilled role model instead of feeling like it's a grind.
    On a system that will lead you to all of your goals with confidence, and eliminate doubt.
    Manifesting your goals in the easiest ways, and eliminating procrastination.
    Enjoying the process along the way, and eliminating overwhelm.
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Hey, I'm Coach Trent!

I help personal & professional high achievers develop an effortless flow of passion for consistently high levels of impact, influence & joy... without grinding for external results or to meet expectations... through endless harmonious passion cycles.

Co-Founder of the World Skateboarding Health Foundation

A non-profit organization that empowers the passion and well-being of youth through skateboarding. Our team runs initiatives that combine skateboarding with health & personal development to inspire the next generation of passionate role models.

Overcame 10 Years of Chronic Back Pain From Scoliosis

Through my desire to continue skateboarding and developing a deep passion for my health. I've developed my passion for my well-being because it allows me to be a peaceful, powerful light in the world.

My Inspirations Are My Best Friends

We help spread passion together! I've developed my passion for my connections because they bring me deep, safe and trusting relationships.

"Proin nibh arcu, consectetur a odio nec, aliquet suscipit enim. Suspendisse aliquam, libero ac tincidunt suscipit, lacus quam commodo odio, nec faucibus arcu ante in odio. Proin ornare luctus massa, id hendrerit tellus auctor eu. Nullam eget egestas orci."

Job Title

Take control over your own passionate lifestyle system that flows in harmony through your personal life, professional life, and relationships while naturally complimenting each other best!

Let's Live The Triple-Double Life Together!

Feel Your Most Successful
Feel Your Highest Levels of Well-Being & Aliveness
Feel Your Most Fulfilled

… At the same time!

It's time to Lead With A Winning Passion, my friend!