Unlock & Lead With Your Full Passion, Purpose & Flow For What You Care About Most!



Ok, Trent...
Watched your video:

✔️ Totally what I need...

✔️ Please: Help me clarify, unlock & lead with my full passion & purpose in a practical and optimal way.

✔️ I'm sick of hustling for external rewards, recognition or to meet expectations. 

 ✔️ I want a system to effortlessly & confidently stand out and get recognized as a top role model.

✔️ The joy. The impact. The influence. The peace. The abundance.

✔️ I'm ready to take my leadership, lifestyle and legacy to the next level.

✔️ I'm ready to rock this!


If That's All True, Go Ahead:


What You Will Learn:

  • How to Program Your Mind & Habits For Extraordinary Passion & Purpose.
  • To Have Conviction In The Connection To Yourself, Others, and The World Around You Effortlessly.
  • To Seamlessly Integrate Your Necessary Interests & Benefits at a Deep Level, In Whatever You Do.
  • To Intuitively Communicate Your Passion & The Reason For It Meaningfully, Powerfully & Clearly.
  • To Joyously Commit To A Legacy Of Harmonious Passion & Mastery.
  • The Most Sustainable Way to Engage & Serve With Effortless & Consistent Flow
Start Leading With Passion Now

What Does Becoming A Passion Leader Mean?

    Unwavering conviction & clarity in your passion for life instead of doubt, frustration, or overwhelm.
    Every day you are a fulfilled role model instead of feeling like it's a grind.
    On a system that will lead you through all of your goals with confidence, and eliminate doubt.
    Easily simplifying & controlling your goals & plans instead of them controlling you.
    Manifesting your goals in the easiest ways, and eliminating procrastination.
    Enjoying the process along the way, and eliminating overwhelm.


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What Clients Are Saying.....

"All my life I had this internal pressure and I finally realized that I just want to enjoy this time. It's been a journey in positive thinking that has been very worthwhile. With Trent's system, I have a really great way to look at life now and a way to make the most positive steps. It has been worth it to train myself in this way. It lightens me up and keeps me feeling light. I'm giving out more positive vibes, and I now clearly understand where I'm going on my path of mastery. Thank you, Trent, for bringing those dots together. I truly believe with this kind of passion and mindset, people can be a lot happier. 

Trent is a really great, inspiring person. He has a great journey and is very insightful. He is never judgemental, he is never negative. He helped me turn everything into a positive. He is an amazingly patient person. I appreciate all the work he does and I feel very grateful to have worked with him."

Coach Trent! 

(On the right 😉)

Trent helps visionary dreamers, high-achieving professionals, and caring leaders develop an effortless flow of passion for consistently high levels of impact, influence & joy... without grinding for external results or to meet expectations... through endless harmonious passion cycles.

  • Founder & Executive Director of the World Skateboarding Health Foundation... A non-profit organization that empowers the passion and well-being of youth through skateboarding. Our team runs initiatives that combine skateboarding with health & personal development to inspire the next generation of passionate role models. A portion of the proceeds from my services go directly to support this foundation and its initiatives, in the name of the client.
  • Overcame 10 years of chronic back pain from scoliosis... Through my desire to continue skateboarding and developing a deep passion for my health. I've developed my passion for my well-being because it allows me to be a peaceful, powerful light in the world.
  • My inspirations are my best friends!... We help spread passion together! I've developed my passion for my connections because they bring me deep, safe and trusting relationships.