Jump For SicKKids 2022

Welcome to Canada's Premier Group Skydiving Fundraiser in Support of the SickKids Foundation.

Happening Saturday, August 27, 2022.
Participate & Help Fundraise Now! 
  • We are gathering a committed and courageous group of up to 100 participants.
  • Our collective goal as a group is to fundraise $77,700 for SickKids!
  • All proceeds go towards the Creative Arts Therapy Program at SickKids.

Please see below and TO SUPPORT BY EITHER...

1. Becoming a Participant = Skydiving + Fundraising
2. Donating = Donate to help reach the goal!


Jump For SickKids is Canada's premier group skydiving fundraising experience. 

This is an 18+ tandem skydiving experience, established with the intention to grow Canada’s commitment in overcoming the darkness of childhood illness.

Let's come together and inspire children everywhere to feel safe in overcoming their limitations and live out their dreams by seeing this community and strong support system doing the same.

Skydiving is the perfect example to emulate the bravery and courage that sick children have to go through on a daily basis. Let’s show them the empathy and respect they deserve by showing the same bravery and courage they show us.

Thank you and congratulations on joining our community of empowering superheroes, and helping to inspire sick children everywhere! 

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Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity passes you by.

Hey, I'm Executive Director Trent!

I am a Certified High Performance Coach specializing in leading with full passion and purpose. I was confirmed with scoliosis at the age of 12, it grew to a severe 80+ degree curve, underwent a life-altering back surgery, and overcame my chronic back pain after almost 10 years. I Started running annual fundraising events for SickKids in 2014, starting with Skate For SickKids which has led me here!

Co-Founder of the World Skateboarding Health Foundation

A non-profit organization that empowers the passion and well-being of youth through skateboarding. Our team runs initiatives that combine skateboarding with health & personal development to inspire the next generation of passionate role models.

Overcame 10 Years of Chronic Back Pain From Scoliosis

Through my desire to continue skateboarding and developing a deep passion for my health. I've developed my passion for my well-being because it allows me to be a peaceful, powerful light in the world.

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